Glory Awards
As a company that provides safe and efficient use of electricity and energy, we pursue sustainable development and fulfill our responsibilities as a global citizen, achieving our goal of sound management.
Metal Industries Research & Development Center
LUXE had passed ISO-9001:2015 certified by Metal Industries Research & Development Center
Taiwan Accreditation Foundation
LUXE has been certified by TAF laboratory (NO. 2559) as testing zone laboratory
Ministry of Economic Affairs
LUXE obtained the qualification of High Voltage Original Design Manufacturer
Quality & Policy
Luxe is engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, installation and servicing of heavy power equipment. We provide means for the safe and effective use of electric energy, so we profoundly understand the scarcity of the earth’s resources and their importance to human beings. For the sustainable development of Luxe and the fulfillment of our corporate social responsibilities as global citizens, all our employees will unanimously abide by the following commitments.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
We provide special products and services to meet customer needs and create a win-win for all.
Safety and Economy
Safety and Economy
We are able to meet the requirements of our customers while strictly complying with laws and regulations. We strive to master the integration of internal and external resources for cost-effectiveness, while optimizing effort and time, so as to achieve the purpose of safety and economy.
Excellence and Sustainability
Excellence and Sustainability
Companies need to fully leverage their core expertise and obtain appropriate profits in order to adapt to changes in the environment at any time for improved resilience.
Implement environmental management system to embrace the era of green consumption.
Implement employee education and training to enhance environmental protection awareness and implementation capabilities.
Comply with environmental regulations, cherish resources and protect the environment.
Continuously promote process improvement and improve energy efficiency.
We will implement pollution prevention, waste reduction, recycling and reuse.
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