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LUXE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was established on May 24, 1978, LUXE Electric Co., Ltd. made public offering on February 14, 1995 and was listed in OTC on December 10, 1998.

LUXE is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, installation and trading of electrical products. The Company’s products include switchboard products, potential transformer (PT) and current transformer (CT) series products, as well as electrical supplies, including circuit breakers, reactors, resistors and high-voltage direct current (DC) power supply equipment, among others; network monitoring products, including remote terminal units (RTUs), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADAs), communication software and hardware, among others. The Company also involves in the design and construction of wind power works, substation works, cogeneration turnkey works, water and electricity distribution and construction turnkey works, as well as the provision of repair and test services, and sheet metal parts and aluminum products.

Air Cable

With Air Cable, every passenger on the plane can watch the over 100 channels of live satellite programming, a GPS map channel, and additional channels of stored content. So whether your guests want to watch the World Series or the weather, the nightly news or a movie, our Air Cable will keep them happily entertained.

As well as we provide multiple channels of children's programming. Our Air Cable can let your passenger choose the TV Channels that they usually have watch, and let them feel cozy just like at Home.

Gas Isolated Switchgear Facilities

In order to enhance the technical level and response to domestic demand of the power company substation. LUXE had cooperation with Germany's Siemens (SIEMENS) technical, and self-produced system of 23KV, 161KV gas insulated switch box (GIS), that use of digital surveillance, hermetic sealing specifications, low weight, small size, good insulation properties, less than 1% per year of gas leak, and do not need to fill the gas within 10 years. The modular and standard housing of gas insulated switch box, not only for customer needs, we also provide customized products and services. As well as in the product technology, personnel safety and reliability of operation, all with a high degree of quality assurance.